Revamping of Rivers, Estuaries, Wetlands, Lakes and Coastal Areas
Design of Water Distribution Systems
Design of Water Distribution, Drainage, Flooding & Sewage Systems
Marine Environment Study
Project Management Consulting Services
Economics, Finance and Investment Study
Planning and Optimization
Creating Data Banks and Knowledge Management Systems
Master Planning Study
Coastal and Port Engineering, & Dredging Study
Design of Coastal and Offshore Structures
Simulation of Sea Environments & Fluid-Structure Interactions
Maneuverability & Safety Study
Design of Oil and Gas Platforms
Design of Fixed and Floating Roof Oil Tanks
LNG Master Plan & Design of Sulfur Transportation Systems
Design of Marine Renewable Energy Devices
Design of Concrete and Steel Structures including Special Structures
Design Retrofit Systems and Evaluation of Structures Vulnerability
Preparation of Phases I and II Architectural Design-3D Rendering
Design of Port and Industrial Areas
Topography & Hydrography Field Survey & Geotechnical Operation
Field Measurement in Seas, Wetlands, Rivers and Lakes
Ordering, Purchasing, Transporting and Releasing of Equipment
Preparation of Manual Instructions for Equipment